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Music Academies

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies requires the following documents from applicants who are re-applying:

  • New application noting the student number from the previous application.
  • Application processing fee
  • Verify that the previous references/transcripts are in the School of Educaton - this applies only to the last two processing years.
  • Updated resume
  • If applicable, official transcript of academic work undertaken elsewhere since the initial Acadia application.
  • Review your progress against the requirements stated in your calendar of entry and keep your Program Planner form updated. The School of Education does not evaluate individual programs to determine readiness to graduate.
  • Apply to graduate.
  • If you require a letter confirming completion of degree requirements, you must request it at the Registrar's Office ( Allow sufficient time for staff to process your request.

Students registered in a graduate program are permitted to do 120 hours of professional development activities in lieu of a regular course. Once done, they complete a form entitled "Application for University Credit Equivalent for Workshop, Seminar or Other Training Program." Please refer to the "Education Explorations Form".  Students will forward the form, as part of a complete package containing certificates of completion and supporting letters, to the School of Education for review and approval. Be sure to state your 9-digit Acaida ID number, your program of study, and your cohort (if applicable). Students will receive a follow up e-mail instructing them to register in EDUC 5143 - Educational Explorations.

The following principles guide credit in Educational Explorations (EDUC 5143):

  • The PD must be voluntary. Students cannot use PD hours that are required of them as part of their job or that are done on mandatory PD days (such as provincial in-service day in October).
  • The PD must total 120 hours. This is a combination of in-class and out-of-class time, such as would be required for assignments and outside reading.
  • In most cases, the 120 hours of PD must be completed while students are registered in a graduate program at Acadia, i.e., they cannot use workshops or other activities they have done prior to entering one of our graduate programs (see exceptions below).
  • The PD must be documented and verified. Documentation can include certificates provided for workshops, etc, or descriptions of programs that have been verified (signed) by a supervisor.
  • Students must register in, and pay for, EDUC 5143 once it has been approved by the Coordinator.

Exceptions (i.e., accepted even if done prior to graduate program entry):

  • Module One plus any other two modules offered by the Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Consortium (NSELC).
  • Module One (NSELC) plus the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board Leadership Development Program (signed certificate required).
  • Module One (NSELC) plus the Halifax Regional School Board Leadership Development Program (signed certificate required).
  • The Program for Aspiring and New Program Support (PAN PST) offered by the South Shore Regional School Board plus any two modules offered by NSELC.
  • A registered Reading Recovery program completed within the last seven years.
  • AVRSB Resource Teacher education programs.
  • Participation in a school accreditation as a co-chair.

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