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Prospective Students

Interested in learning online with Acadia? You can get started by following the steps below.

  • Browse our full course listing to select the courses right for you. If the course you’d like to take has a prerequisite, you’ll need to obtain a relevant transcript from your school.
  • Before you register, learn more about our fees and registration details.
  • We recommend you contact your school's registrar for a Letter of Permission (LOP). This will ensure your Acadia credit will be recognized by your school, and if you provide us with an LOP, we will supply your school with a free transcript after you complete your course.
  • Complete our registration form and pay your tuition - if you've never enrolled in an Acadia course before, it's easy to apply for admission and register in one easy step.
  • Order your textbooks from Acadia's bookstore or purchase them on-campus.
  • Begin your courses, studying the way you want to. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Online Learning at Acadia University

What’s the right course for you?

If you’re studying full-time at another university, an online course can be the perfect opportunity to pick up a credit that you need or learn about an area of interest that your school doesn’t cover. Studying online means you have the freedom to schedule where you study and when you study, making it easier to incorporate your schooling into your life as you work or travel.

At Acadia, we have over 100 online courses that you can start anywhere, anytime. We might have just what you’re looking for.

Why Acadia:

  • Many institutions don’t offer courses online, or only offer courses from certain faculties. We provide courses in many different fields of study across Arts, Business, and Science.
  • Other universities often make you choose from set term dates that may complicate working or traveling during the summer. Acadia courses are open-entry: you’ll start when you want, and study at your own pace.
  • Acadia is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top undergraduate institutions—period. Our courses have the credibility associated with a top institution and quality professors.


It is your responsibility to pay all fees at the time of registration. Forms received without proper payment will not be processed.

Students with a student number may submit an online payment here. In the payment/deposit field, please select Open Acadia.

Tuition and Admission Fees

Admission Fees

Undergraduate $25.00
Bachelor of Education $35.00
Graduate $50.00

Tuition Fees




3 credit-hour

6 credit-hour
Undergraduate Online, Canadian $854 $1708
Undergraduate with Lab, Canadian $854 (plus lab fee*1) $1708 (plus lab fee*1)
Undergraduate Online, International



Undergraduate with Lab, International $1724 (plus lab fee*1) $3448 (plus lab fee*1)
Graduate, Canadian $922 $1844
Graduate, International $1898 $3796

 *1 Lab fee - $100

Online Course Fees

6 month course extension $150
Withdrawal within 30 days of start date, completed no course work Full refund of tuition less $250
Withdrawal within 30 days of start date, completed less than 50% of course work Refund of 50%
Withdrawal within 30 days of start date, completed 50% or more of course work No refund
Withdrawal after 30 days No refund

Other Service Fees (all courses)

Late fee $25
Interest on overdue accounts BMO Prime + 5% (monthly)
Withdrawal fee (per lecture day - spring and summer) 10%
Withdrawal fee (per lecture week - fall and winter)*1 20%
Letter of Permission $10
NSF cheque or declined credit card $20
Transcripts*2 - up to 2 copies, same address $10
Transcripts*2 - up to 2 copies, same address, special handling $20
Off-campus examinations varies by institution

*1 No fee adjustments will be made after October 13, 2013 for the fall term and February 9, 2014 for the winter term.

*2You can apply for a transcript at the Registrar’s Office or online at Acadia Central.

Payment Options

Effective May 1, 2017, Acadia University will no longer process credit card payments for undergraduate and graduate tuition payments. Please learn more at our Student Accounts website.

Online (recommended)
In Person Phone or Fax Mail

If you are a current Open Acadia student and know your Acadia Student number click here to submit payment information.

Registrar's Office, University Hall, 15 University Ave
Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6

Monday to Friday,
8:30am – 4:30pm (AST)



Monday to Friday,
8:00am – 5:00pm (AST)


Acadia University
Open Acadia
Box 118
Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6

Online banking, additional payment options

Cheque, Debit, Cash, Money Order, Additional payment options 

Additional payment options

Cheque, Money order, Additional payment options

Canada Student Loan

You must complete your open-entry online courses by September 1 if you are returning to full-time studies, or the amount of your loan for fall-winter may be affected. For more information about Canada Student Loans visit:

Other Resources

Students may also find the Resources and Tools of Acadia University's Scholarships and Financial Assistance page to be of interest.

Outstanding Accounts

Students who have outstanding accounts are

  • not permitted to register again,
  • not permitted to receive or have sent an official transcript of their record
  • not recommended for graduation until the debt is paid.

Income Tax Exemption

The Tuition and Education Credit Certificate, Income Tax T-2202A form, is available from the Registrar’s web site. Login to your account and then select the Tax Form (T2202A) option from My Account on the main menu. The Education Tax Credit applies only to courses completed within a four month term. Open entry online courses do not qualify unless completed within the four month fall, winter or intersession terms.

If the credit card is not in your name, written permission from the card owner is required. You are responsible for any fees associated with an NSF cheque or a declined credit card.

If you are paying by student loan, the loan application must accompany your registration form. Your registration cannot be processed without this application unless arrangements have been made with Acadia's Student Accounts Office. This can be done by calling 902-585-1297.

Contact Us

phone Phone: 902-585-1434
Toll-Free: 1-800-565-6568
Fax:  902-585-1057 
phone Rhodes Hall, Attn: Open Acadia
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS 
B4P 2R6
Monday — Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm AST