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Department Course Title Online On Campus Offsite
EDUC 5003 Human Development and Learning
EDUC 5066 Seminar and Practicum in Counselling
EDUC 50E3 Counselling Adolescents and Children
EDUC 50G3 Research Literacy
EDUC 50H3 Introduction to Disability Studies
EDUC 50J3 Principles of Assessment for Counselling
EDUC 5113 Qualitative Research in Education
EDUC 5123 Curriculum Practice for Diverse Learners
EDUC 5143 Educational Explorations
EDUC 5153 Readings in Education
EDUC 5183 Applied Linguistics 1 (Cross listed with EDUC 4863)
EDUC 5193 Applied Linguistics 2 (cross listed with EDUC 4683)
EDUC 5203 Introduction to Educational Technology
EDUC 5213 Organizational Theory and School Culture
EDUC 5273 Education and the Law
EDUC 5303 Principles of Assessment for Education
EDUC 5323 Assessment for Learning 2
EDUC 5553 Topics in Counselling - Counselling and Spirituality
EDUC 5563 Career Counselling
EDUC 5633 Curriculum Foundations
EDUC 5663 Curriculum Practice
EDUC 5673 Current Research & Theory in Curriculum - Language, Literacy and Learning
EDUC 5693 Teaching English as a Second Language (Cross listed with EDUC 4673.)
EDUC 5773 Community Perspectives on School & Society
EDUC 5843 Instructional Design - Multiage Pedagogy
EDUC 5843 Instructional Design: Mathematics Instruction
EDUC 5913 Theoretical Perspectives on Leadership
EDUC 5933 Equity and Leadership

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